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Born and raised in literal Hell in the year 2288 AD, Christopher Howard Wolf, a.k.a. Slimebeast, a.k.a. Basheer Al Abad, a.k.a. Joe “Hobo Joe” Hoboken, is a prolific author and inventor of the non-stick postage stamp. At a young age, he learned he could fly for short periods of time by concentrating on the concept of brunch. Now, he’s calling in a few favors from the secret one-world shadow government to create a rag-tag group of criminal super-humans.

Featured stories from Christopher Howard Wolf:

Creepypasta is Dead

Creepypasta is Dead

πŸ“ˆ Average Rating:
2250 - 4500 Words

Featured books from Christopher Howard Wolf:

Too Spooky Tales: Book Three: Echos Of The Passed
Too Spooky Tales: Book Two: Lying in Plain Sight
Too Spooky Tales: Book One: An Overturned Shrub (And Other Horror Icons)
The Creepypasta Field Guide: The Official Field Guide to Creepypasta Creatures & Killers, by Slimebeast
Dandyland: An updated retelling of the "Abandoned by D*sney" online horror series by Slimebeast
Murderous Mental Morons & Tormented Teenage Twits MUST DIE!: 10 Terrible Tales of Sub-par Scares

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