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Blair Daniels started writing horror in late 2017 to cope with the stress of being a new parent. She posts horror stories to Reddit’sΒ NoSleepΒ community several times a month, and her work is featured in β€œThe Trees Have Eyes,” β€œLove, Death, and Other Inconveniences,” and her own anthology β€œShadow on the Stairs”. In her free time she enjoys raising backyard chickens, cooking, playing Minecraft, and going to Costco. She lives with her husband and young son in a rural part of the United States.

Featured stories from Blair Daniels:



πŸ“ˆ Average Rating:
0500 - 2250 Words
Siren Song

Siren Song

πŸ“ˆ Average Rating:
2250 - 4500 Words

Featured books from Blair Daniels:

Don't Scream 3: 30 More Tales to Terrify
Don't Scream 2: 30 More Tales to Terrify
Don't Scream: 60 Tales to Terrify
Daughters of Darkness: An All-Women Horror Anthology
Shadow on the Stairs: Urban Mysteries and Horror Stories

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