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Before submitting your story, please review our submission best practices and guidelines on our official Story Submission Guidelines page. It includes information about everything from word count limits, to editing, formatting, restrictions on themes/topics, and our rejections and approvals process.

Thank you for your submission!


If you are under 18 years of age, you may still submit a story, but should NOT use this submission form. Instead, reach out to us directly via our contact page, including your story in the body of the email, along with your contact information, as well as that of a parent or legal guardian,  As a minor, you are unable to contract with us concerning the publication of your work, and will need to provide details for a parent or legal guardian who is both capable and willing to sign our standardized release on your behalf.  If we are interested in publishing your work, we will contact you with more information. Submissions from individuals under the age of 18 via this form will be rejected automatically.


    Your legal name is required for submission. If your story is accepted, you will be asked to complete a standardized release form in order to authorize its publication on our site. Your legal name will be kept confidential and will not be shared publicly unless you indicate below that you desire to be credited by your legal name as well.

    Please enter the name you would like to be credited by exactly as you would like to see it appear on the site. This can be your legal name, a realistic-sounding pen name, or an online-style username or moniker, if you prefer.

    Double check your email address for errors. If we decide to publish your story, we will contact you at the address you provide for more information.

    Please share any URLs to any social media, website, or fundraising pages you would like to direct fans of your work to. If you have none, or would not like to share such links, please enter “None” or “N/A.” Please provide both the URL and a description of the link (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, Official Website) along with it.

    Please enter your story title exactly as you would like it to appear on the site if your story is published.

    Please provide us a brief summary or synopsis of your story, such as a description of the primary plot and main characters, to help us determine at a glance what the tale is about.

    Please enter a value greater than or equal to 500.

    We accept stories that are 500 words or longer in length only. If your story does not meet this requirement, it will be rejected without review. Please use the tools at Word Count Tools to help determine if your story meets this requirement before submitting it. Individuals repeatedly submitting stories which do not meet this requirement will be subject to a ban.

    Select one or more categories you feel your story would fit best into. You may select as many as you like, but must choose at least one.

    Please enter any additional tags or keywords that would best describe the topics and themes your story is concerned with, in order to help us make it easier for interested readers to find your story with a keyword search.

    If you would like to include one or more images with your story, please upload the files to Imgur and provide the URL for the file here. If more than one image is necessary, create a gallery and share the URL for that. If you are unable to submit images via Imgur for some reason and must send them to us another way, contact us to let us know, and we will reach out to arrange delivery of the documents via email instead. Please note that submission of images along with your story does not guarantee they will be published alongside the text, or at all. Additionally, you may only include images you own the rights to. We retain the right to reject any submitted imagery for any reason whatsoever.

    ⚠️ Please note, our submission form allows only plain text. If your story features formatting that you would prefer not to lose, please convert your text to HTML first, and then submit it here as raw code, and we will convert it back upon receipt. Alternatively, you may establish contact via our contact form, and submit the tale directly to us that way as an attachment.

    Check the box below if you'd like your story to be considered for adaptation to an audio format. If you'd prefer not, leave it unchecked. Please note, checking this box does not guarantee acceptance of your story, or that it will be adapted to audio, only that you are interested in this option. If we have are interested in producing an audio rendition of your tale, we will be in contact privately to discuss the matter further, and to provide a separate Multimedia Release Form for the purpose of securing audio production rights.

    Yes, I'd like my story to be considered for audio adaptation for Chilling Entertainment's channels and podcasts

    Select one or more show or program of ours that you would like your story to be considered for inclusion on. If not interested, select "None / Not Applicable".

    By submitting my story via this online form, I hereby consent to and authorize the non-exclusive use by Craig Groshek, doing business as Chilling Entertainment, LLC (hereafter referred to as the “Publisher”), of the written work submitted via this form, in its entirety, hereafter referred to as the “Property”, for the purposes of publishing the Property on the website CreepypastaStories.com.

    I understand that, except for the specific non-exclusive authorization set forth in this agreement, all rights in and to the Property described in this release are retained by the undersigned. For the avoidance of doubt, this agreement does not grant the Publisher any feature film, broadcast television or physical print rights in connection with the Property.

    I certify that I am the original creator of, and hold lawful copyright to, the Property as submitted via this form, and that I possess the legal authority to negotiate with third parties regarding its use and publication. I further certify that as of the date of this submission no pre-existing contracts, which would invalidate this agreement or limit the Publisher's execution of it, have been made with other parties.

    I consent to the use of either my legal name or, if I so desire, a fictitious pen name, in conjunction with the publication of the Property.

    I understand that CreepypastaStories.com is a for-profit website, commercial in nature, and that it is, or will be, supported by advertisements and/or other revenue-generating mechanisms.

    I understand that Publisher may find it necessary to effect minor edits to the written copy of the Property, such as to correct typographical errors and punctuation, or for the purposes of formatting or adaptation to a specific medium, and I hereby consent that edits of such a nature can and shall be made without my express written approval. In the event substantive changes to the written copy of the Property are deemed necessary, I hereby consent to such edits as well, on the condition that the Publisher shall make a reasonable effort to inform me of any such changes prior to publication, and to seek my approval in writing. I understand that my failure to respond in a timely manner to the Publisher's requests for approval of such edits may result in the Property being withdrawn from consideration.

    I acknowledge and agree that, unless such arrangements have been made separately in writing, that I will not receive any monetary compensation from the Publisher in exchange for the publishing of the Property, and that Chilling Entertainment LLC's publication of the Property on CreepypastaStories.com does not entitle me to royalty payments, or to any share of revenue that the Publisher may receive from advertising, donations or other means.

    I understand that if monetary compensation in exchange for the use of the Property is deemed either desirable or necessary on my part, as a condition of publication to CreepypastaStories.com, that I should not submit my work directly via the CreepypastaStories.com submissions page, but shall make contact with the Publisher directly in order to negotiate such payments. Should I proceed with submitting my work via the CreepypastaStories.com submissions page, I consent to the publication of the Property without compensation.

    I understand that the timing of the publication of the Property shall be determined at the Publisher's sole discretion, and that this agreement does not guarantee that the Property will be Published in any format, either within a particular time frame or at all.

    I understand that if at any time I desire that the Property be removed from CreepypastaStories.com, or that I would like it to be revised and/or edited, that I may communicate with the Publisher directly to request such removal or revisions, and that the Publisher will honor all such requests, from a written work's original author or legal representative, in as timely a manner as is possible.

    I agree to hold the Publisher harmless in the event of, and shall not consider them liable for, any unauthorized and/or unlawful duplication of the Property by third parties. I understand that in the event of a violation of its intellectual property rights, the Publisher shall retain the right and privilege to enforce its copyrights and to prevent any unlawful commercial use of its written publications or audio adaptations by third parties, but shall not be compelled or obligated to do so by any party.

    ⚠️ All three checkboxes below must be checked in order to submit. If you are unable to agree to and certify all of the requirements, you will not be able to submit.

    I hereby certify that:

    I have read the CreepypastaStories.com Terms of Submission in their entirety, am currently of sound mind, and understand fully their contents, meaning and implications.
    I consent to the Terms of Submission and their contents in full, and that I, effective as of the time and date of my submission, agree to be found by them.
    I am 18 years of age or older.

    IMPORTANT: If you are under 18 years of age, do not use this form to submit your story, and see our disclaimer at the top of this page for more information. Direct submissions from minors via this form will be rejected automatically.

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