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Derek Hawke loves old school science fiction, cheerful horror, and dark fairy tales. You can find dozen of his stories on YouTube under his writer’s tag KillaHawke1. He lives outside of Austin Texas, where he does whatever it takes to keep cool, evade the biggest mosquitoes ever to have flapped their wings on God’s green Earth (they love him because apparently he’s delicious), and be a menace to the closed-minded.

When he is not experimenting in terror, Hawke spends his spare time writing, creating graphic arts for various projects, and providing narrations for various YouTube channels.

Featured stories from Derek Hawke:

I Was Hunted by Killer Bees

I Was Hunted by Killer Bees

πŸ“ˆ Average Rating:
0500 - 2250 Words

Featured books from Derek Hawke:

Monstronomicon: 100 Horror Stories from 70 Authors

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