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Born in Pennsylvania, Michael Squid attended art school – focusing on film – in Rhode Island, before continuing his focus on illustration in Philadelphia. An avid horror reader since childhood, Michael started writing online in Reddit’s NoSleep and Short Scary Stories communities.

Michael currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is writing tales weekly. He’s been chiseling away at a full-length novel and has been filming his stories. His most recent film, an adaptation of his short story “The Chrysalis,” has won several awards. Michael’s short story collections are available currently onΒ Amazon.

Featured stories from Michael Squid:

A Beginner’s Guide to Blood Portals

A Beginner’s Guide to Blood Portals

πŸ“ˆ Average Rating:
6750 - 9000 Words

Featured books from Michael Squid:

Monstronomicon: 100 Horror Stories from 70 Authors
Where the Light Stops Dead: 50 Short Horror Stories by Mr. Michael Squid
The First Cryogenically Frozen Person Has Been Revived: And Other Chilling Tales
Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul
The No Sleeper Train: A Collection of Short Horror Stories

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