The Illusionist

📅 Published on January 28, 2022

“The Illusionist”

Written by Eli Pope
Edited by Craig Groshek
Thumbnail Art by Craig Groshek
Narrated by N/A

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The Act

The large metal plate was secured with long threaded bolts into the enclosure. These were applied and tightened down by two skimpily clad, dark-haired assistants, or vassals as they were called, and appeared to also be identical twins. The cage looked to be impenetrable as they then maneuvered it three-hundred and sixty degrees back to face the crowd. Liam had just been chained inside the box before the plate was secured. There was no obvious place for him to retreat or escape as the stage was completely open to the crowd’s view. The women banged on the sides of the structure with hammers in various spots to ensure it was solid steel and impermeable. A spectator was invited up to also take his turn at slamming a large heavy hammer upon the walls of the sealed structure. Afterwards, a very large silk sheet was dropped down from wires which hung high above in the ceiling and now draped over the top of the container. Eerie music began to play. The room hushed for a moment and then a set of hands began to appear pushing the fabric out between the solid steel wall and the silk. The crowd oohed and aahed with amazement at the movement underneath the sheet seeing just moments earlier that there was no way for anyone to be between the two. Music thundered around the theatre causing the seats to vibrate and the spectators’ hearts to pound.

Nora sat mesmerized front and center. The entire show so far held her attention like flies on a honey-soaked biscuit. She found Liam very titillating and magnificent, his show was incredible. He certainly must truly be magical or have made a deal with a devil to hold such powers. There would be no other way these acts were mere trickery or sleight of hand. She longed to be called as a participant in one of his feats of magical deception.

Suddenly the shiny satin sheet parted in the center and there stood half of Liam’s naked body outside the box. The bottom half of Liam appeared to be melted and molded into the steel sheet. A mix of cold hard metal and soft human flesh had become one. People gasped aloud, but not as vehemently as Nora. After the crowd settled back down, the sheet was drawn back together tightly, obscuring Liam and his melded steel body once more. Lights flashed and thunder roared before the sheet was lifted into the air again, showing the metal plate still attached firmly. The beautiful vassals again banged the metal sides with hammers before rolling it around three hundred and sixty degrees. As the vassals removed the bolts, the plate fell forward to the ground showing the cage was empty. A bright flash of light and suddenly Liam stood on top of the enclosure, statuesque and gazing out across the vast crowd of stark white eyes. He tossed the chains that once wrapped and secured him down to the ground with a crash as the lights shined brightly in his face. Liam’s glowing blue eyes sparkled as he slowly looked down at Nora. She saw him smile and it sizzled into her lips. She felt his internal warmth in that brief second before his instantaneous scrutiny of her continued across the other faces in the crowd. Her mouth cooled almost at once as his head turned toward stage left. She knew at that moment, if he didn’t call on her, she would return to tomorrow night’s show and so on until she either was called upon or his troupe traveled on.

With each act of magic, Nora tried to explain the deceptions away in her head. Part of her wanted to believe there was wizard craft within the world, while another side was terrified if there were indeed such madness. Any human capable of true powers such as this, would most certainly crumble to the magnitude of temptations they would entice.

By the evening’s end, she’d not been fortunate enough to be called upon. She felt very let down. Her green eyes saddened as the curtains fell and the applause ended with other spectators getting up from their seats and moving toward the outside aisles to exit. She thought to herself, if only I wait until I’m the last one to leave…just maybe….

Nora walked out into the chilly evening onto the sidewalk in front of the Theatre Outremont in Montreal. It would be about a thirty-five-to-forty-minute Uber ride back home to her lonely apartment near the Prairies River. Another Friday evening finish alone. Maybe a bottle of Malbec by the gas fireplace tonight to take the chill off and relax. Mildred, her sweet companion dog would enjoy snuggling at her feet while she daydreamed about the Astounding Liam Bernier and plan what to wear to tomorrow night’s show to entice his attention toward her. She’d felt guilty about her newfound feelings, but Gerrard had passed, and she was lonely. She missed him horribly, but he wouldn’t want her to suffer alone. Not after this amount of time.

The dark sedan sat idling on the alley side of the venue, cold smoke pouring from the tailpipe spilling the engine’s heat into the street. Nora pulled her coat collar together around her neck as she began to slowly walk toward the parked vehicle. She glanced around both to her left and right, noticing no one else nearby. The sidewalks empty and street silent except for the low rumble of the dark four-door car that must be her Uber. She suddenly felt a chill rush down her spine. It seemed slightly different than a shiver from the cold. Was it a warning of impeding danger or cause for concern, she internally questioned?

The front passenger side window began to slide downward into the door. A silhouette of the driver barely broke the darkness enough to be seen. “Ms. Nora Fontaine….”

Nora’s footsteps halted about four feet from the door, her face instantly painting concern. She hadn’t given the Uber company her married name from her deceased husband who’d passed three years earlier.  The information with Uber listed her as Nora Pattella, her maiden name. Her veins iced as a rush of wispy breath escaped her lips. The sedan slowly pulled forward until the back door was even with Nora’s body. Should I run, she quickly asked herself? Her eyes darted around, searching the empty sidewalk for anyone’s help. The rear window now began to slide slowly down, disappearing. Question quickly morphed into panic as the perception of her dilemma began to take hold. The rows of hundreds of bright light bulbs that lined the marquee and theatre front along with the roof outline instantly darkened with an electrical click. Only one billboard remained lit on the front of the Outremont Theatre. The Astounding Liam Bernier in bold white letters above Liam’s mesmerizing eyes which shined a bright searing blue, yet hollow and smokey.

The Enticement

Nora could see the heat rising from the roof of the sedan. Her skin felt frigid cold to the bone standing in the late November evening air. She had nowhere to run or anyone to count on in the oddly empty Montreal streets. It was late, just after eleven, but it was a Friday evening. Where were all the people?

Soft words broke the silence as they emanated from within the idling automobile, “Miss Nora, It’s okay, it’s me…Liam….”

Nora’s attention snapped instantly. She did recognize his voice. She took a cautioned step forward as she stooped down to peer into the dark opened rear window. She saw two spheres of cold sapphire blue eyes which instantly penetrated her soul. “Nora, love…I heard you earlier…” A slender smooth hand began to reach outward into the cold. “…you said you wanted to disappear like my assistant…” The pointing finger began to curl upward and then move back and forth towards the dark interior as if to silently call out and lead Nora towards him like a magnet attracts metal to itself. “…this is your chance, Nora. It will be your only call from me. Come if you want to experience my magic….”

Nora’s first urge was to answer the call by moving forward to the open window. The danger she’d just felt, suddenly lifted as if dissipating into the frozen night. She looked skyward to thank the good Lord above for both answering her call for safety and for the chance to meet the Astounding Liam like she’d begged. The emptiness that filled her for the last three years suddenly felt as if it were a heavy wave now receding, leaving her weightless and floating in the summer warmth. This was her chance to escape the cold dread of what life had left her holding after Gerrard passed away. She smiled as she reached for the outheld hand. She moved the two or three extra steps to be able to finish her reach for Liam’s fingers. Just as the door opened wide and their skin touched…a brief flight of warning coursed throughout her body. Her eyes gazed upward again to the clouds which were whitened briefly by the bright full moon. Brilliant bright orbs reflected off her green eyes and back onto the shiny black paint of the car. The emerald flash diminished instantly as she slid through the doorframe of the sedan into the seat. Her brief plausibility of escape vanished as the door slammed closed and the sedan pulled away quickly to disappear into the distance of the vacant night.

The Deception

“Oh, Liam…” Nora spoke softly as she still held tightly to his hand. “…this is so exciting! I was frightened just seconds ago, wondering how I would escape ill-intentions from whomever sat inside this automobile.” She smiled, patiently awaiting his response, which seemed to evaporate into the silence that swallowed her into the darkness from the moment she’d slid into the leather seat. Her mind tugged at her to turn and face Liam as she awaited his answer, but something impeded her ability to force the muscles to respond and make it happen. It was if she were entrapped by an invisible cage. The road ahead nor the driver were visible any longer to her. She hadn’t noticed it at first when she sat. Now, she realized the front of the vehicle was pitch black as if covered by something dark. She felt movement, but saw no headlights, no operator, no streetlamps nor lights of any sort. The movement forward instantly accelerated with no sound but a swooshing noise as if slicing through the air. She felt dizzy, her eyes sought solace inside the cover of her lids. She couldn’t fight the urge to close her eyes tightly.

“She’s perfect, Liam,” Vassal One spoke.

“Yes, Liam, she is the perfect choice,” mirrored Vassal Two.

“They usually are when they want it so badly themselves. When life is just too overwhelmingly empty on their own. Much like yours were before I found you two sisters.”

“Yes, Liam, we were not only identical in sisterhood, but barrenness also,” stated One.

“Alone and needy. Thank you, Liam, for taking us in,” echoed Two.

“You both will be responsible for…shaping her…teaching her…” Liam’s eyes became bluer as he held the glass of liquid to his lips. “…I expect perfection from her, as I demand it from both of you.”

“It will be done.” They spoke in unison.

The moon continued to beam brightly in between moments the clouds parted enough to allow the shine to penetrate the dark starless night.

Nora began to stir. Her mind was hollow. She felt almost as if she were drugged. There were thoughts she seemed almost aware of but couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Nora was unable to string together any events of what had led her to this mental vacancy. She tried to concentrate and force thoughts of what could have happened. She felt warmth on either side of her. Fleshy warmth. Her neck felt stiff, but she was able to turn and when she did, she saw her. She quickly turned the opposite and as she did, it was as if she stared into a mirror. The exact face appeared on both sides of her. A blanket of warmth became instantly evident on either leg at the same time. A hand from each woman settled in assurance on each knee.

“It’s okay, Nora. You are Liam’s. Everything will become as it should be, very soon. Very soon. I am One….”

“I am Two….”

Nora’s head snapped instantly to her right as Two spoke. “What? I…I don’t…under…understand…” Her eyes bounced back and forth between the women on either side. “What do you mean, I am Liam’s? I need to go home….”

“You are home, Nora. This is your home.” One replied.

“Yes, Nora, this is your home. We are all Liam’s. You’ll learn.” Two chimed in.

Nora’s eyes beamed of confusion. She shook her head back and forth. “But, I…I have a dog…I need to…he needs fed…and….”

“That world is no longer there for you,” answered One. “You are now Liam’s Vassal.”

“Vassal? What do you mean?” Nora questioned.

“Vassal, assistant…slave….” One replied.

“NO! I’m no one’s slave or vassal…or….” Nora screamed.

Two cleared her throat. “Oh, but you asked…even begged…we both heard you. You were going to come back tomorrow if it hadn’t happened tonight, you were never forced, Liam can’t initiate with force.”

Nora shook her head back and forth in disagreement until her chin fell to her chest, overwhelmed with what she was hearing. “I’ve been tricked…lied to…deceived…Lord, help me….”

“Oh, Nora, the Lord doesn’t even acknowledge our home, you silly girl.” One snickered.

“No, no, Nora… you mustn’t even say that name. That will anger Liam. When you asked to be Liam’s, you were banished from asking any safety or help from the Other One.” Two answered. “You, silly girl,” she guffawed.

Vassal One and Two leaned forward where they could see each other in front of Nora. “Silly, girl.” They spoke in unison as they smiled blankly and then sat back, hands still on each of Nora’s knees.

The Realization

Nora quickly realized she’d been horribly deceived. She’d seen the Astounding Liam Bernier as a magnificent magical man, one she’d wanted so badly to meet and be part of his illusion. She’d been so lonely after her husband Gerrard had passed. Poor Gerrard had suffered for months with nothing she could do but watch life slowly drain from his body. She now shared a feeling she just knew was similar. There were no days in her world any longer. There was nothing to look forward to. At least Gerrard had been able to be somewhat comforted by her, if nothing else, just seeing her and knowing she was sticking with him till the end. Nora wasn’t afforded even that benefit. One and Two claimed to be her family, but she knew she was nothing more than number Three to them. They were all three empty souls who’d been deceived by Liam the devil. She wasn’t even sure why he’d laid claim to her. He didn’t talk to her, he never tried anything sexual with her. She was certain he hadn’t attempted anything like that with One or Two either. All they ever did was rehearse their parts for the show. She didn’t believe he really needed them for that either. It wasn’t illusions. She’d quickly realized there were no special pieces of equipment or purchased “tricks.” It was all truly magic. Liam needed nothing or no one to help deceive or trick the crowds. It was all just one big magic evil illusion.

Her realization had just come moments too late. She remembered in her distant past the night she’d gone to see Liam at the Outremont. Her excitement, enhanced by the chill in the air, the lights, the sound, the thundering music…she also remembered the instant of a warning deep within her soul telling her NOT to step into the open car door. Why didn’t I listen? Why am I being punished? I was a good wife. I was a loving person. And what about poor Mildred, my abandoned dog? Instant sadness overcame Nora once again. Realization of what she’d so easily given up was now her internal and eternal hell. Would Liam ever grow tired of this or me, and maybe let me go back? I pray constantly for it, even though his two vassals warn me not to do so.

The Show

Time droned on for Nora. She’d learned her part of the act and as the tour continued, it seemed she began to understand more and more of what Liam’s purpose for them was truly for. After each night’s show, the dark sedan would remain parked along the show’s venue late into the evening until yet another “volunteer” would cautiously saunter up to the vehicle. Nora would sit beside her and usher her into Liam’s fold. He was collecting women to recruit to his colony. She wasn’t certain what for, but the numbers grew. She wondered how she had remained able to keep one corner of her mind to herself and coherent of what was happening. One and Two were total converts and seemed to no longer be capable of remembering their past. They had become mindless machines while she herself was still capable of free thought. She could not, however, come up with a plan of escape and feared if she thought too hard about it, either Liam or one of the vassals may become aware. She would bide her time and fight any urges to further lose any of her memory or soul to Liam. She’d play the game and stick it out…what other option did she have? She was a prisoner, and the show would go on.

The Existence

Nora had become conditioned. It had been forever since her thoughts of home, other than with her fellow vassals, had entered her mind. Any memories of past happiness, fears, or existence before Liam, had all but disappeared into the dark shadows of her previous world. She had become number Three and didn’t fight any part of it. It was home. One, Two, and all the others she’d helped convert, were family. It seems Liam’s illusions had transformed into the reality she haplessly became entrapped. Night after night, show after show, deception after deception, the machine chugged on. Those first two assistants…vassals…were correct. The Lord was indeed restricted from any existence within Liam’s illusion, or world. The converts would enter, and Nora would see their resistance to accepting their fate dissipate until they too would become a mindless vassal to Liam. Much like someone back in the real world experiencing their first homeless night after losing everything. It hurt horribly at first. Wandering aimlessly in search of an escape until the dull drone of nothing ever coming to fruition or anyone coming to aid beat them down into the mold of being unworthy of what once was.

Nora had seen it happen over and over. She’d fought like hell to keep those memories alive so she wouldn’t fade into the nothingness of Liam’s world. She fought his illusion that she held no value other than to cling to whatever he allowed her to feel. But then one day, she too felt nothing but the urge to wander, just waiting to either suffer to have feeling inside—or to just give out and die, which didn’t seem to exist in Liam’s illusion. Only the show. Only the deception, only the endless feeling of numbness. Even the brush of skin from one of the other’s brought no feeling or warmth. One might as well have been encased within some sort of shell like a turtle to block any sensations of physical or mental contact. None existed and nothing was missed anymore. They were there only for Liam.

The Outremont 

There were only so many theatres throughout the world that booked The Astounding Liam Bernier Illusionist Show. This fact made it inevitable Liam’s troupe would repeat its schedule at some point. It had been over a year since Nora had purchased her ticket and attended the show. That show which used her loneliness and sadness in her life to aid his lure of her into his deception of something magical and exciting. The trick to entice her into his controlling grip.

As the show started, the thunderous music boomed. This was how every illusion began of Liam’s. Colored lights flashed and swirled throughout the venue, drumming the audience into the beginnings of the intoxicating excitement. Each show always focused on only one target. One female who would be deceived after the show. The entire performance was orchestrated to entice and ensnare that one chosen female audience member.

As Liam performed each of his acts, conversing with certain audience members and calling them up to be a part of the flash, his vassals, which Nora was now a part of, assisted in the magic of the illusions which enthralled the crowd. The room was filled with enthusiasm and applause as the momentum of the evening built. Nora watched the chosen woman as she sat in the front row, seeing her anticipation of hope building within to be called upon. Each woman always appeared to beg for the call up to the stage.

Nora slowly began experiencing feelings she hadn’t felt before. At least not that came to her immediate memory. There was a vague familiarity to it all though. That suspicion seemed to grow within every time she looked at the excitement in the face of the unknown lady who always sat front and center. She watched her eyes at the beginning of each spectacle and how a sadness grew across her face at not being chosen. She realized this was all part of the act in grooming the woman’s desire to open herself up to Liam even more after the show. Disgust began to grow inside Nora for her part in this act. She became repulsed with herself for being instrumental in Liam’s intentional brainwashing. Her memory quickly became clearer of feelings she now felt being ushered back to her own circumstance. She fought those feelings at first, believing she was being tempted to betray Liam. She wondered if maybe the Lord were indeed inside this theatre, mounting an attack on Liam, her master and family. Her eyes glanced back and forth between One and Two, attempting to take notice if they too were aware of anything. But their eyes seemed to show no tells of any consequence. Nora saw nothing but the usual blankness and their shared rehearsed roles in assisting Liam.

Nora’s mind became a battlefield, and her concentration became more difficult to maintain. Liam’s sapphire blue eyes shot daggers into Nora’s emerald greens. She felt his discipline and regained her composure. Liam’s mind control was winning although he looked as if he’d never confronted such a problem with any other vassal before. She suddenly realized she’d be reprimanded at some point tonight. That thought struck fear within.

The show continued to its finality and slowly the crowd dispersed as usual. Like a year earlier, Liam sat along with two vassals, this time Nora and One. Sitting and waiting in the darkness of the black sedan. Lingering on the empty street corner for Nikkita Devane, his newest chosen target from this show. Waiting to see the young woman sadly exit the venue’s doors. Liam’s eyes sizzled. Nora could feel the intensity within the vehicle they sat. Vassal One sat next to Liam, she next to the door where Nikkita would be drawn over to enter. Footsteps sounded across the cement sidewalk. Feminine steps from heels clicked out and away from the entrance but then came to a silenced halt. Nora peered through the darkened glass at the woman who also glanced around at the empty sidewalk and streets. Deja Vu for Nora that suddenly felt prickly and new to her, in an odd feeling of cognizance. It felt almost spooky to her. She glanced over at One and then Liam briefly before turning back toward the woman who appeared becoming cautiously frustrated.

The front window slid down slowly as their driver called out, “Ms. Nikkita Devane….” at which the woman turned with a look of cautious concern.

“Are you my Uber,” she asked?

“Why, yes ma’am, I am….”

Nora heard something from across the quiet street that drew her attention. It all happened in an odd sequence as the sedan window began to roll back up and the car moved slowly forward until the back door lined up with Nikkita. The back window rolled down and Liam began to invite her over toward the rear door.

“Welcome, Ms. Nikkita Devane…I’m Liam….”

A distant dog barked across the street, breaking the quiet of the night, interrupting Liam’s standard welcoming and alluring line.

Nora’s emerald-green eyes shot to the right, staring past Nikkita to the sidewalk across the street. She saw the barking dog and suddenly recalled a memory of an animal named Mildred that flashed into her head. An instant awakening overtook her when she realized, It WAS MILDRED, her MILDRED! As soon as that realization came into focus, she caught the flash of oncoming headlights racing down the road towards them. She saw Mildred begin to step into the street from across the way from where they were parked. Without thinking, her hand grasped the door handle and tugged upward as if driven by muscle memory. She quickly threw her legs out and onto the sidewalk as the swinging door knocked Nikkita tumbling to the ground.

Nora stepped over Nikkita and screamed for her to “Run” at the top of her lungs. Without missing a step, she hurriedly continued across the sidewalk and into the street. Nikkita watched the woman’s attempt to save the dog from being hit by the speeding car….

There were suddenly several series of mixed sounds. A dog barking, a woman screaming “Mildred,” another woman screaming “Help” at the top of her lungs, and then screeching tires on pavement just before an animal’s yelp that was quickly followed by loud thumps.

“Goddamn it…” Liam cursed when his assistant, One, spilled out onto the sidewalk from the still open door as the black sedan’s tires squealed and sped off down the street at high speed.

A minute later as Liam’s car raced through a second red light several blocks down, a loud explosion sounded just before a huge ball of flame shot skyward as his car collided with another that was entering the intersection at the same time.

Nikkita climbed up onto her feet and ran to the spot that the woman who yelled “Run,” now lay. She was lying still beside the dog in the middle of the road just in front of the stalled auto. The car’s headlight pointed downward in a crumpled direction to a bleeding dog that whimpered as it attempted to drag its own body to the motionless woman. As Nikkita reached her, the dog began to lick at the woman’s face before whimpering and nestling its head into her side. The driver of the vehicle climbed out of his car and ran to the front, kneeling to check on Nora. “Oh my God! I didn’t see them…I swear, I couldn’t stop! Somebody call 911!”

The confused vassal, One, sat on the concrete near the spot she’d dove from Liam’s car. She seemed dazed as if she didn’t understand what was happening. She made no attempts to move from where she sat but appeared to be looking for something in the area near her. She looked confused as she hollered, “Two! Where are you? Help me Two! I need you! Liam is gone!”

The sidewalk instantly began to fill in with people, appearing more like a typical Friday evening. Pedestrians from nowhere suddenly rushed over to Nora and Mildred along with the man who’d hit them. Nikkita, who was covering the woman with her coat, was crying but trying to reassure the motionless woman with the dog. Others ran to Liam’s One, who sat alone on the empty corner, attempting to calm her and confused why she was hollering out the number two as if it were something lost and needed.

Sirens soon sounded in the distance of both the spot Nora lay silent and several blocks up where Liam’s car had crashed and lay in flames still licking the night’s sky. Thick black smoke continued pouring down the darkening street. It caused a flickering effect from the flashes of firelight occasionally escaping the tower of smoke.

The Aftermath

The moment Nora and Mildred were hit, a bright light ushered them into a new world.  Actions of course that weren’t seen by anyone here on earth. The bodies appeared to lie motionless to those watching or trying to treat them. But Nora and Mildred had already left that world and now arrived at a new place where she and her sweet loving dog were greeted by Gerrard, the husband she’d loved for nine years before he passed.

It seems that a power much stronger than Liam’s did in fact exist and overcome the darkness Nora had somehow survived until tonight. Maybe her faith remained strong enough and her refusal to lose it was what brought her back. Or possibly a strong enough desire to meet back up with her family she’d been separated from was the miracle behind it all. That story would be left behind for the world she left to sort out. All she knew was the overwhelming feeling of warmth and love had finally found itself surrounding the Fontaine family once again, from husband and wife—all the way to their faithful dog who somehow was at the core of it all.

* * * * * *

Back at earth’s world, Nikkita Devane would more than likely never understand just how near her life came to an evil shattering change from the evening she experienced at the Astounding Liam Bernier Illusionist Experience on opening night at the Outremont. Sometimes this world seems intricately strung together. The mere flick of a gnat becomes able to cause a chain reaction to a series of previously unconnected circumstances involving people to be adversely affected. Much like the action of one domino overturning onto another and so forth down the string until the final act forces the last domino to hit the ground, causing one horrible outcome to be avoided with an offering of a differing horrible outcome being the acting force. Luck of the draw—or an orchestrated master plan with intention?

* * * * * *

Saturday evening’s news in Montreal played out in a similar fashion, leading to a series of unanswerable questions as the headlines announced the death of illusionist, Liam Bernier and others in an evening of chaos near the Outremont Theatre.

* * * * * *

Special Report from Channel Ten Montreal News …It seems World Famous Illusionist, Liam Bernier died instantly in a fiery car crash which happened directly after an unrelated woman, Nora Fontaine, who’d been missing from the Outremont, almost a year to date, was run over merely seconds earlier than Liam’s accident. The two accidents appear somewhat related. A woman named Nikkita Devane insisted that the victim, Nora Fontaine, was hit while trying to save a dog after first warning her herself of an impending danger tied to Liam’s car. Friends of Nora Fontaine’s past have now come forward and stated the dog Nora attempted to save, was in fact, previously her own pet before she vanished one year ago from the Outremont on a Friday evening much like last night’s. Around this same time only three years earlier, another young woman and her twin sister wound up missing from the Outremont after also attending a Liam Bernier Illusionist show. One of those twins, Magnolia Jones was mysteriously found on the sidewalk of the Outremont last night near the scene of Nora Fontaine’s death. Magnolia was incoherent and still supposedly holds no recollection of her past up to and including the last three years she and her sister, Amber Jones, have been missing. Nikkita Devane states that she is certain the woman, Magnolia Jones, was in fact inside the vehicle along with Liam and an unnamed driver before it sped off.

Nikkita Devane had just exited the Astounding Liam Bernier’s Illusionist Experience and was about to step inside Liam’s sedan just before Nora jumped out and quickly yelled for her to run as she entered the street to save a dog from being hit. Liam’s car sped off and exploded in the fiery crash several blocks north of the Outremont moments after Nora and Magnolia exited the rear door of the sedan. This story is confusing and odd. Hopefully with some further investigation, it will be sorted out eventually.

 It just goes to prove the adage—sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

More updates as soon as they are made available.

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Written by Eli Pope
Edited by Craig Groshek
Thumbnail Art by Craig Groshek
Narrated by N/A

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