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Gareth ShoreΒ is a UK-based fiction author. Despite trying to avoid being the cliche of a high school teacher with a perpetually unfinished novel, Shore is a high school teacher with a perpetually unfinished novel.

Hailing from Manchester, England, Gareth’s continuing mission is to convince teenagers that writing is good for the soul. With help from innumerable library books, genre films and the guiding light of Ray Bradbury, Gareth discovered a love of the weird and wonderful at a very early age and still refuses to let real life get in the way. He counts having his short story β€˜The Mournerβ€˜ being adapted byΒ Chilling Tales for Dark NightsΒ as his proudest literary moment.

Gareth is currently compiling stories for a collection and has a non-genre tale published in theΒ Henshaw TwoΒ anthology, available onΒ He can be contacted by email here.

Featured stories from Gareth Shore:

Winter Time

Winter Time

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4500 - 6750 Words

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