Kitty "The Odd Cat Lady" Olsen



Kitty “The Odd Cat Lady” Olsen is a young writer currently living in Illinois, but her heart always remains in Michigan. She’s been writing since she was young and over the past couple years has developed a knack for writing horror. She has a small following on social media and has gotten attention for her short stories such as The Cat Lady and The Walls Sweat, available on her Tumblr and Reddit accounts for all to read.

During her free time, she likes going on hikes in the local forest, daydreaming, cuddling her cats, and playing far too many video games.

Featured stories from Kitty "The Odd Cat Lady" Olsen:

Children's Games

Children’s Games

📈 Average Rating:
2250 - 4500 Words

Featured books from Kitty "The Odd Cat Lady" Olsen:

Family Reunion (The Snow Family Book 2)
Daughters of Darkness: An All-Women Horror Anthology
The Children at the End of the World
Wedding Bells (The Snow Family Book 1)

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