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Matt Dymerski is an Ohio-based author of horror and science fiction, with a focus on creative and thought-provoking ideas, and the founder of Proximate Publishing. He was the winner of Reddit NoSleep‘s “Best Multi-Part Story of 2012” for his Asylum series, as well as the forum’s “Best Story of 2017” and “Story of the Month, January 2018.”

An award-winning author of science fiction and horror, Dymerski has been entertaining readers and provoking discussion for over a decade. He has honed a focus on themes that explore the pains and existential horrors of modern life. These days, it’s not the evil robots or the shadowy creatures that get you in the end – it’s your fellow man.

Dymerski currently lives in the epicenter of weirdness for the entire planet: Columbus, Ohio, where he is absolutely surrounded by wonderful people.

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