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William Dalphin was born on the wilds of Indiana in 1977 to John and Carole Dalphin. Life on the plains was difficult; many did not survive its harsh trials. The fourth child in a family of seven, William was the runt of the litter: pale, sickly and weak. In a more vicious family, he would have been set upon and torn apart by his brothers and sisters, but under the watchful eye of loving parents, he persevered and eventually thrived, much to the detriment of human society.

While his writing has taken form over many years, including notable work academically, it wasn’t until 2011 that Dalphin’s wicked imagination and passion for horror gained him notoriety. A chance jaunt over to Reddit’s NoSleep forum introduced him to what can best be described as “the urban legends of the internet age.”

Dalphin’s first contribution, a tale by the name of “She Found Her Way Into My Home” – and perhaps his most well-known – can be found in the pages of this book. It was intended to be nothing more than a scary story, and the author had no expectation that anyone would read it. However, the story became something of a surprise sensation and eventually helped contribute to the evolution of the forum itself.

Since then, Dalphin has continued to contribute irregularly to NoSleep, and his stories have spread across the tubes of the internet, where they have been shared on creepypasta websites, narrated on YouTube channels and podcasts, and adapted into short films. And now, his stories have been collected and put into a book to share with the world.

Featured stories from William Dalphin:

Aaron's Magic Boxx

Aaron’s Magic Boxx

📈 Average Rating:
4500 - 6750 Words
Body Parts

Body Parts

📈 Average Rating:
0500 - 2250 Words

Featured books from William Dalphin:

Don't Look Away: 35 Terrifying Tales from the Darkest Corners

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