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Many people think that, because he authored The Electric Boner, Nathaniel Lewis is very “different.” Not so. He puts his pants on just like everyone else. First he boils them in a vinegar solution for 15 minutes, to neutralize against the toxic acidity permeating the atmosphere. Next it’s into the oven with them, for 14 minutes at 425, until they are crisply dry. He then makes a slit from hip to cuff, along the outer seam at each leg, to open them up into two halves. He places the back half on his bed and lays down upon it, carefully aligning his body. Then he places the front side on top of him and begins stitching the pants back together. The final few stitches go through the flesh as well, in other to keep the pants securely attached to his body all day. This is exactly how everybody else does it… right?

Featured stories from Nathaniel Lewis:

I've Been Banned From Calling 911

I’ve Been Banned From Calling 911

📈 Average Rating:
0500 - 2250 Words
I Made It Out of Clay

I Made It Out of Clay

📈 Average Rating:
4500 - 6750 Words

Featured books from Nathaniel Lewis:

The Electric Boner

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